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Realise your brilliance and flyhigh with online coaching

Who is flyhigh

In a World of Technology, People Make the Difference


We leveraged our 50 years of experience in traditional coaching. We drew on our international network of exceptional coaches.


We combined it with world-class technology, and user experience.


And we created a digital online coaching platform that works for the modern world.


Flyhigh integrates a human coaching approach with technology to effectively match your profile and goals with the most suitable coach, enabling your organisation to reach its full potential.



How flyhigh works


Tell us about you

Complete our survey to identify your objectives, goals, and coaching preferences.


Get matched

Our algorithym will then match you with the most suitable coaches based on your profile.


Your coaching session

Schedule a coaching session with your coach based on availability. Sync it on your calendar.

Have your session online, directly in your
business conferencing software (i.e. Teams,

After your session rate your coach and track your progress towards your goals

Founded by Sheridan

Our platform was founded by Sheridan Worldwide, a renowned company in the coaching and leadership development industry that is known for its innovative solutions and transformative approach.

Our coaching services are based on the same principles that have made Sheridan Worldwide a leader in the industry. We offer immersive, self-led experiences that fit in with today's hybrid world and create tailored high-quality interventions and bespoke programs to support our client's needs.

Customise it
to your needs today

Select and meet the coaches that will be part of the flyhigh matching algorithm.

Onboarding webinar and internal marketing support to launch your coaching programme.

Get personalised learning resources for your people such as articles, videos, podcasts based on your employee goals.

Customise the platform based on your brand for a consistent and cohesive experience.
Get insights from the coaches to understand what is underneath the digital platform analytics.

Choose from a pool of coaching development areas based on your organisational objectives.

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